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Join us in transforming your city


Women Transforming Cities Dialogue Cafés Report – Extended Version

The recommendations and voices of over 1200 women, girls and allies from our first 30 café events (plus the January 2016 Grand Café) have been incorporated into a report which has been presented to UN-Habitat for inclusion into the global New Urban Agenda to be finalised at the October 2016 UN-Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador. Read the Extended Version of the Report with Annexes that include posters and individual reports from all of our Urban Thinkers Campus events. Read More

WTC Cafes

Learn about our WTC Cafés

WTC cafés facilitate grassroots discussions about important issues that impact women and girls living in cities.

Read our latest café reports, which summarize discussions on aging in the city, municipal issues for LGBT2Q+ individuals, and Aboriginal women and girls’ experiences in the city.

Urban Thinkers Campus

Introducing the Urban Thinkers Dialogue Cafés

The Women Transforming Cities’ Urban Thinkers Dialogue Cafés will focus on critical areas of urban livability, specifically identifying, “What is needed for cities to work for women and girls, and their communities, now and in the future?Read More


Let’s hear your #FierceVoices

Women Transforming Cities teamed up with to help women and young girls claim space in social and mass media.

Thank you to everyone who attended our #FierceVoices events to learn about the importance of representation in Media. Read more about the events in this series.