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Women Transforming Cities awarded Women Friendly Cities Grant

We are pleased to announce our participation in a three year project titled “Action on systemic barriers to women’s participation in local government”, funded by Status of Women Canada. Women Transforming Cities, in partnership with the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) will begin working on this project in March of this year.
We will be working with the City of Surrey, and the City of Vancouver in finding sustainable and effective ways to improve gender and diversity equity and inclusion within local governments. 
We are currently searching for a Project Manager, see the job description and in the future for a part time researcher.

 Women Friendly Cities Challenge: an International Collaborative Project

In October 2016, at the UN Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador, Women Transforming Cities (WTC) hosted a side event called the Women Friendly Cities Challenge. This event was moderated by the Huairou Commission (an umbrella organization for grassroots women organizations based in New York), and had a panel of speakes from WTC, Women in Cities International (WICI- Montreal) and the Seoul Foundation of Women and Family (Korea). The panel spoke of strategies that were working towards making their respective cities more women friendly.

The idea of building a framework which would provide goals in various domains linked to internationally agreed upon documents, such as the UN Habitat outcome document, the New Urban Agenda, and the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals was introduced. The idea was to develop goals under various categories with “wise practices” listed under each goal and ways to measure and monitor these practices also provided. Cities or other organizations would then be able to assess their progress towards the goals and the framework could become a sharing and networking tool. This idea had enthusiastic audience support and Women Transforming Cities is now in conversation with the other partners in moving this idea forward. We have interested interns from the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning to assist with this project, and will be reaching out to other potential collaborators in the next few months.



Women’s March on Washington – Vancouver


Women’s March on Washington report from Democracy Now

On Jan.21/17 We joined the Women’s March on Washington – Vancouver and millions of women world wide. We feel empowered by the march which gave us strength, joy, clarity and unity to go into our work in 2017 – 18.


Women Transforming Cities Participation at UN Habitat III

Women Transforming Cities International Society sent a delegation of four Board members to the UN Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador. As part of the Canadian delegation we joined over 35,000 other delegates from around the world.

Read more about our participation at UN Habitat III here.

Pictured from left to right: Joya Perrick, Christine O’Fallon, Ellen Woodsworth, Joy Masuhara


WTC with members of the Huairou Commission and the Seoul Foundation of Women and Family at the Habitat conference site.


Christine O’Fallon and Joya Perrick at the Women’s Assembly on the cover.



February Cafe

Join us February 8th at 6:30. We’ll be meeting at Brittannia Community Centre in the Al Matteson Lounge.

WTC kicks off a new year with our Public Speaking series, the next steps to see how Council has implemented the Hot Pink Paper, and the launch of the Women Friendly City Challenge.

  • Public Speaking Series;  Are you interested in improving your public speaking skills? Do you want to increase your confidence when speaking on behalf of WTC to different kinds of groups, including city councils? Please join us for to give your input on how you’d like this exciting new WTC initiative to work for you.
  • Hot Pink Paper follow-up: We are half way through the civic term. It is time to follow up with Vancouver City Councillors and parties to make sure they are following through on the promises made during our Hot Pink Paper campaign see for their commitments.


Women Transforming Cities Dialogue Cafés Report – Extended Version

The recommendations and voices of over 1200 women, girls and allies from our first 30 café events (plus the January 2016 Grand Café) have been incorporated into a report which has been presented to UN-Habitat for inclusion into the global New Urban Agenda to be finalised at the October 2016 UN-Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador. Read the Extended Version of the Report with Annexes that include posters and individual reports from all of our Urban Thinkers Campus events. Read More