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About Us


We are women, men and youth working together to transform our cities into places where women and girls are safe, seen, heard, and can fully participate in all aspects of city life. WTC works to ensure political commitment to addressing and removing barriers that many women face in accessing essential services.

Our Mission:
To transform our cities to work for all women and girls, through community engagement, inclusive policies and equitable representation.

Our Vision:
To live in cities where all women and girls have real social, economic and political power.

What do we do?

We educate, promote awareness and take action on issues such as affordable housing, violence against women, leadership, electoral reform, aboriginal women’s priorities, and the environment.

We examine the impact different public policies will have on women and girls using an equity/intersectional lens that includes sex, race, gender, and income.

We want women and girls to be engaged as decision makers, as elected officials, workers, planners, mothers and informed citizens to transform our cities to be more equitable and democratic for all. We ask: what changes can cities make to improve the lives of women and girls?


We hold monthly Cafés to discuss how our cities can work for women & girls. Our Cafés are held in diverse locations, often in partnership with other organizations. See our Calendar for future Cafés and click here to read past Café reports on topics such as childcare, work, youth, public transit, immigrant women, seniors, and design of cities.

Conference 2013

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