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Annexes for Women Transforming Cities Report

The Women Transforming Cities Urban Thinkers Campuses Report (Extended Version) contains the following Annexes:

Grand Tea Party Café Programme – page. 1

Women Transforming Cities Urban Thinkers Campuses (detailed list including dates & locations) – page. 2

“Advance Café” reports

Women Transforming Cities Near and Far – page. 4

Making Cities Work for Mothers – page. 12

Naming Public Spaces – page. 22

Women Who Work the Night Shift – page. 30

Does Remembering Lead to Action?

Ending Violence Against Women – page. 38

Women and Public Transit in Toronto – page. 42

Grand Tea Party Café Report – page. 51

Event posters – page. 60

Full Listing of Women Transforming Cities Cafés
Sept. 25, 2012 – Jan. 24, 2016 – page. 66

Urban Thinkers Campus Participants – page. 73

Download (PDF, 12.05MB)