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Conference Program

Engaging Women, Transforming Cities, Designing an Ideal City for Women and Girls

Date: Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time: 8:30am to 5:00pm

Location: Segal Graduate School of Business, Simon Fraser University, 500 Granville St, Vancouver BC

Conference Program
8:30 am Registration Segal Building foyer
9:00 am Welcome and Opening

Host for the Day: Ellen Woodsworth, Co-Chair of Women Transforming Cities Society

MC Winnie L Cheung (張麗玲), Women Transforming Cities Society

Lillian Howard, Co-Chair of the Urban Aboriginal Peoples Advisory Committee for the City of Vancouver will bring greetings and give a blessing

Greetings from the Mayor of the City of Vancouver

Room 1300-1500
9:20 am Keynote Speakers

Room 1300-1500
10:30 – 11:00 am Break 

  • Refreshments sponsored by Simon Fraser University
Founders Hall
11:00 – 12:30 pm Parallel Sessions 1

  • On the Streets Where We Live: Housing Rights and City-based Solutions for Women and Girls – Room 2800
  • Young Women Take Charge: Leading the City Through the Voices of Youth – Room 2300
  • Designing a Safer City for Women – Room 1300
12:30 – 2:00 pm Buffet lunch

Greetings & comments from Karen Leibovici, President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Lunch Keynote Addresses sponsored by Simon Fraser University

  • Sylvia Bashevkin: “How do women transform cities?” Bashevkin is Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto. She is the author of Tales of Two Cities: Women and Municipal Restructuring in London and Toronto (UBC Press) and recently participated in the “Being Mayor of Toronto” panel with Barbara Hall.
  • Prabha Khosla: “Gender equality and social inclusion in municipal policies and services.” Khosla is an urban planner who works on cities, equalities and democratic local governance. She has worked on issues of women’s rights and gender equality, social inclusion, urban sustainability, urban environments, democratizing local governance, water and sanitation and training and capacity building for close to twenty years. Her recent publications include:A Training Package: Improving Gender Equality & Grassroots Participation through Good Land Governance, and Gender in Local Government: A Sourcebook for Trainers.
Founders HallRoom 1300-1500
2:00 – 3:30 pm Parallel Sessions 2

  • Putting a Gender/Equity Lens on Environmental Sustainability – Room 2300
  • Social inclusion & Participation: The Good , The Bad and The Possible – Room 2800
  • Innovative Implementation of an Equity Lens – Room 1300
3:30 – 3:45 pm Break

Refreshments sponsored by Simon Fraser University

Founders Hall
3:45 – 5:00 pm Plenary and Closing

Recommendations for Designing an Ideal Cities for Women and Girls

Hosts: Ellen Woodsworth and Diana Jung  

Room 1300-1500
5:30 – 7:30 pm Best Practice Awards Reception

The Women Transforming Cities Best Practice 2013 Awards recognize outstanding achievement in designing cities for the advancement of women and girls that leads to transformation of cities. The 2013 Awards will showcase good practices, policies and programs at the municipal level, that illustrate success, encourage institutional change and improve urban life. For more information, see the webpage. A panel of experts will present the Best Practice 2013 Awards. Host: Marnie Tamaki, Architect, and Wendy Williams, Co-Chair of Women Transforming Cities. Note: This event is not included in main event registration.  
Room 1200


Parallel Sessions 1

On the Streets Where We Live: Housing Rights and City-based Solutions for Women and Girls            

This workshop examines housing, homelessness and opportunities to deliver ‘the public good.’ Presenters and participants will discuss the specific housing needs of women and girls and concrete approaches to provide safe, adequate, affordable and gender-inclusive housing in the city.


Janice Abbott is CEO of Atira Women’s Resource Society and Atira Property Management Inc.
Janet Kreda is Senior Housing Planner for Metro Vancouver.
Jean Swanson is a leading anti-poverty, anti-gentrification activist.
Margot Young is Associate Professor of Law at the University of British Columbia and Co-Principal Investigator of the Housing Justice Project.
Christine O’Fallon, researcher on a national project analysing homelessness policy and Women Transforming Cities Board Member, will moderate this session.



Young Women Take Charge: Leading the City through the Voices of Youth

Young women play an important role in shaping cites, and yet their voices are often not heard. In this session participants will have an opportunity to explore the barriers for young women’s civic engagement and the ways to address them. Learn from young women’s experiences and stories, as well as from successful municipal programs and policies. Speakers and participants will form dialogue circles and an interactive discussion will be held.


Rebekah Mahaffey, Planning and Building Department, City of Burnaby.

Neelam Khare, co-founder of Girls In Real Life, a mentorship program for young women to explore topics such as deconstructing beauty, racism and discrimination, and LGBTQ issues.

Facilitators:  Jen Sung, Out in Schools, and Tamarah Prevost, Justice Education Society of BC.



Designing a Safer City for Women 

Two experienced voices: Erika de Castro, an urban planner and community development expert involved in international projects in the areas of metropolitan governance, gender equity, and violence against women in Brazil as well as Canada, and an elected municipal politician, Councillor Barinder Rasode from City of Surrey, British Columbia,will each speak about their work. Then the discussion will expand to include everyone to ask “Where Do We Go from Here?”.

Moderator is Janet Wiegand, Founder and past Chair of Equal Voice BC, a national multi-partisan non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the election of more women to all levels of political office in Canada.



Parallel Sessions 2

Putting a Gender/Equity Lens on Environmental Sustainability

It’s time to put a gender lens on our work on climate change. Connecting environmental sustainability, women and cities: this session explores the role of cities in air, water and soil standards, local food production, and more. What is being done, what can be done, and what are the health, labour, and quality-of-life consequences to urban women and girls?


Andrea Reimer, Vancouver City Councillor.
Dr. Leonora Angeles, UBC Associate Professor of Community and Regional Planning Gender Race, Sexuality and Social Justice.
Prabha Khosla, an urban planner who works on cities, equalities and democratic local governance, will moderate this session.



Social inclusion & Participation: The Good, The Bad and The Possible

Creating and implementing inclusive social policies and spaces of belonging is vital to the health of Canadian cities. In this session, panelists and participants will discuss a range of efforts to address social inclusion, and generate ideas for future implementation.


Jessie Hemphill is the first elected First Nations councillor in the town of Port Hardy BC.
Dr. Shelly Johnson (Mukwa Musayett) is Saulteaux from Keeseekoose First Nations working as an assistant professor in the UBC School of Social Work.
Dr. Judith Marcuse is Founder and Co-Director of the International Centre of Art for Social Change which is housed at SFU.
Lucky Gill is a founder of Global Girl Power Foundation.
Dr Charmaine Spencer is a lawyer and Research Associate at SFU Gerontology Research Centre.
Wendy Williams, Chair of the Women’s Advisory Committee of the City of Vancouver and Co-Chair of Women Transforming Cities International Society, will moderate this session.


Innovative Implementation of an Equity Lens to Create Ideal Cities for Women and Girls

This panel will look at some of the creative ways that NGO’s and Councillors have worked to create solutions to major crises such as violence, childcare, media representation, and how elected women councillors are working together with women’s organizations to address those problems.


Angela Marie MacDougall, Battered Women’s Support Services and Feb 14 Downtown Eastside Memorial March Committee member.
Sharon Gregson, Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC, former Trustee to the Vancouver Board of Education, Director of Child & Family Development Services in Vancouver.
Linda Soloman Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Vancouver Observer.
Kristyn Wong Tam, Toronto Councillor.
Chris Morrisey, Chair of Seniors Advisory Committee  for the City of Vancouver, Co-founder and volunteer with LEGIT and Rainbow Refugee, will moderate this session.