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February Cafe

Join us February 18th at 2:00pm.

We’ll be meeting at Brittannia Community Centre in the Al Matteson Lounge.

WTC kicks off a new year with our Public Speaking series, the next steps to see how Council has implemented the Hot Pink Paper, and the launch of the Women Friendly City Challenge.

  • Public Speaking Series;  Are you interested in improving your public speaking skills? Do you want to increase your confidence when speaking on behalf of WTC to different kinds of groups, including city councils? Please join us for to give your input on how you’d like this exciting new WTC initiative to work for you.
  • Hot Pink Paper follow-up: We are half way through the civic term. It is time to follow up with Vancouver City Councillors and parties to make sure they are following through on the promises made during our Hot Pink Paper campaign see for their commitments.

Please see our facebook event page for more information.