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Let’s hear your #FierceVoices!

Organized by rabble.ca and Women Transforming Cities, #FierceVoices is a three-part community series that aims to claim space for women in media. It focuses on both analyzing representation in media and building capacity for women to create their own voices and media platforms. The events aim to especially highlight marginalized voices, voices that are silenced in mainstream media. 

#FierceVoices emerged from a shared desire to see more and stronger women in media, hear more women’s stories, and have more women involved in the tasks of media production. A key piece of that change is the development of on-the-ground skills and capacity- building.

Learn more about the events in the #FierceVoices series below. These events take place on unceded Coast Salish land.
Say what? Reflecting on women and girls in the media – March 25, 2015
Amplify! Making media work for women and girls – April 30, 2015
#FierceVoices: Ignite! Young Women Making Media