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Hot Pink Paper Campaign

Candidates Commit to the Hot Pink Paper

All municipal parties committed to “developing and implementing a comprehensive violence against women and girls ‘Civic Action Plan’ to be developed with womens organizations” at an All Candidates meeting hosted by the Canadian Council of Women.

Click here to see which parties or candidates have committed to all 11 key issues to make cities work for women and girls.

Authorized by Women Transforming Cities International Society registered sponsor under LECFA, info@womentransformingcities.org
To download the Hot Pink Paper Click here.
To download the full Backgrounder Click here.

Party Commitments

This table reflects commitments received by WTC from parties as a whole. To read these commitments in full Click here


Candidate Commitments

This table reflects commitments received by WTC from individual candidates. To read these commitments in full Click here





Note: To read the statement issued by Vision Vancouver, indicating partial support of the Hot Pink Paper, please click here.