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Urban Thinkers Dialogue Cafés


Cities that work for women and girls work for everyone
Women Transforming Cities: Urban Thinkers Dialogue Cafés

01 July 2015 – 30 January 2016
Vancouver, Canada

Women Transforming Cities (WTC) is organising a series of five open Urban Thinkers Dialogue Cafés as part of the UN-Habitat Urban Thinkers Campus. The cafés will focus on critical areas of urban livability, specifically defining, “What is needed for cities to work for women and girls and their communities now and in the future?” Discussion topics range from exploring the needs of women who work shifts, to women who are raising children in the city, to the significance of naming public spaces after women, to looking at violence against women, to the new Advancing Equity and Inclusion: A Municipal Guide (a project led by Cities for All Women Initiative in partnership with municipalities, women’s organizations, academics, and local and national organizations across Canada, including WTC). The Cafés will take place throughout the city in different locations with the first Café scheduled for July 6th 2015.

The model of the Cafés is one of mutual respect for the experiences and knowledge of all who participate. These events aim to illuminate, amplify and bring together the voices of a wide spectrum of women “experts,” particularly marginalised women and girls who are not typically heard.

WTC-UTC will build on and refine the intersectional work of Women Transforming Cities over past three years and 25 previous Cafés. In January 2016, a “Grand Café” will be held in Vancouver to consolidate the results of these cafés, and those held in other Canadian cities (details available soon). The Café series will engage and expand stake-holder dialogue and action, bringing together women leaders; urbanists; elected municipal officials; aboriginal, queer, immigrant and refugee-based organisations; young women’s groups; unions; universities; schools; housing advocates; violence against women activists; anti-poverty, child care, and health-based organisations; and others on the theme of The City We Need. Café events will be continued monthly in 2016 in local neighbourhoods at community centres, classrooms and other public locations. The goal is to transform our cities into safe and healthy places where women and their communities live, work and play, are involved in design, development and sustainable operations, with electoral processes and municipal governments that are responsive to the priorities of women and girls. The cumulated research and synthesis and recommendations emerging from this work will be prepared and presented globally as part of the Habitat III process, to influence the UN-Habitat’s post-2015 New Urban Agenda.

For more information, please contact

Advance Cafés
Grand Café