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Café Reports

WTC Café XXXI #EmpoweredMothers: Balancing Kids & Community Involvement

June 4, 2016 — How do mothers balance raising children with their interests in making the world a better place? Women Transforming Cities and Single Mothers’ Alliance of BC brought together mothers who are passionate about community involvement for a free, informative, and engaging afternoon featuring speakers and roundtable discussions with local social justice advocates […]Read More »

WTC Café XXX: Does Remembering Lead to Action?

December 6th is Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. What happens inside us and in our worlds when we remember the women and girls who have been murdered? Does remembering lead to action? Come together to warm up after the vigil. Date: Sunday, December 6, 2015 Vigil 10:30am – 11:00am […]Read More »

WTC Café XXIX: Women Who Work the Night Shift

What’s it like for urban women who work at night in jobs such as nursing, cleaning, hotels & restaurants (hospitality), sex work, mothering and so on? How can we increase their safety and their opportunities for success? Add your voice to the conversation. This event is part of the UN-Habitat Urban Thinkers Campus initiative in […]Read More »

WTC Café XXVIII: Naming Public Spaces

Thursday, October 15th — Why is it important to represent girls and women in public spaces such as parks, plazas and street names? How do we make it happen? Women Transforming Cities hosted a round-table discussion event at Gordon Neighbourhood House in Vancouver’s West End to explore this vital issue. Moderator: Marnie Tamaki, architect, activist, […]Read More »

WTC Cafe XXVII: Making Cities Work for Mothers

September 15, 2015 — At the 27th Women Transforming Cities Café, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, children and their allies set about discussing a topic dear to everyone’s heart: Mom—but with a difference. Together we asked, “Are public spaces designed with mothers in mind?” And: “What do mothers living in the city need to improve opportunities for […]Read More »

WTC Café XXVI: Near and Far

Who’s doing what to improve city life for women and girls? Come share your knowledge and experiences of local, national and global successes. Hear Ellen Woodsworth (former Vancouver City Councillor) talk about her trip to Ankara, Turkey for the UN Women Friendly Cities international conference. Tiffany Muller Myrdahl (SFU Ruth Wynn Woodward Junior Chair) will […]Read More »

WTC Café XXV: Women and Aging in the City

Women Transforming Cities hosted its 25th Café featuring speakers and roundtable discussions on the topic of women and aging in the city. Aging adds new dimensions to women’s lives – some good (like wisdom – thumbs up!) and some bad (like illness & poverty – thumbs down). Is our city age-friendly? What do we need […]Read More »


Women Transforming Cities hosted its 24th Café in partnership with Qmunity, featuring discussion on municipal issues for LGBT2Q+ individuals. Keynote speakers included Tiffany Muller Myrdahl of Women Transforming Cities; Dara Parker, Executive Director of QMUNITY; and Danielle Jarvis of Jarvis Legal and member of the trans* and gender inclusion working group for the city of […]Read More »

WTC Café XXIII: Aboriginal Women’s and Girls’ Experiences in the City

How can Aboriginal women and girls actively participate in decisions that affect their lives? What strategies and tools do we already have and what new ones do we need? Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (MPNH) and Women Transforming Cities (WTC) were pleased to be continuing dialogue work around Aboriginal Women and Girls Experiences in the City […]Read More »

WTC Café XXI: Everything you wanted to know about the 2014 Municipal Elections but were afraid to ask

Thursday, October 16th, 2014 — Women Transforming Cities hosted a conversation about how the city works and what the key issues are for the municipal elections, featuring the Hot Pink Paper Campaign. The event was held at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House 2131 Renfrew Street, Vancouver.Read More »

WTC Café XX: Safety in the city for girls & women

WTC Café # 20: SAFETY IN THE CITY FOR GIRLS & WOMEN Monday, July 28th 7 to 9 pm (doors open at 6:30) Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House 2131 Renfrew Street (at 5th Ave) How can we make our city safe for everyone? Join the conversation. Everyone Welcome! Admission is free. The venue is wheelchair accessible. […]Read More »

WTC Café XIX: Aboriginal Women and Girls: Experiences in the City

This event was a grassroots discussion with informed speakers on issues that affect city life for Aboriginal women and girls. Topics included safety, health, family development, leadership, treatment and experiences. The purpose of the Café XIX discussion was to develop comprehensive recommendations that were presented to candidates, parties and voters during Vancouver’s 2014 municipal election […]Read More »

WTC Café XVIII: City Budgets Through the Eyes of Women & Girls

WTC Café XVIII City Budgets Through the Eyes of Women & Girls On June 5th, 2014, Women Transforming Cities (WTC) in partnership with the City of Vancouver Women’s Advisory Committee welcomed participants to its 18th Café: City Budgets – Through the Eyes of Women & Girls, which was held at Britannia Community Centre. WTC’s mission […]Read More »

WTC Café XVII: Women, Work & Wages

April 29, 2014 — How can we close the wage gap and improve the conditions for women workers in the city? Women Transforming Cities partnered with the Vancouver & District Labour Council Women’s Committee to present an evening discussion about “Women, Work and Wages,” with speakers, and round table discussions in English & French. Speakers: […]Read More »

WTC Café XVI: Sustainability & Equity: Making the connections

WTC Café XVI Sustainability & Equity: Making the connections Are some individuals or communities harder hit by pushes to save energy, walk instead of drive, or buy local? Women Transforming Cities and the BCIT Student Association presented an evening of conversations about how social equity is an essential part of building “greener” cities on March […]Read More »

WTC Café XV: Public Art, Public Space – The Story of the Women’s Monument

February 19th, 2014 – Particularly in our city where the number of murdered and missing women is so high, it’s vital to consider how, when and why we reflect on and pay tribute to women’s lives in parks and public spaces. Where are the monuments commemorating women and girls? On Wednesday, Feb. 19th Women Transforming […]Read More »

WTC Café XIV: Sexual Assault, Safety and Public Transit

January 13th, 2014 — Buses and rapid transit are “moving cities”: hundreds of thousands use public transit every day in and around our city. Sexual offending on transit has as much of an impact as violence anywhere else. How can we improve public transit safety for women and girls? Women Transforming Cities and the AMS […]Read More »

WTC Café XIII: Empowering Immigrant Women in the Workplace

November 20th, 2013–Women Transforming Cities and the Pacific Immigrant Resources Society presented an evening of discussion focused on “Empowering Immigrant Women in the Workplace.” Three immigrant women spoke about their workplace journeys and roundtable discussions followed, focusing on how we collectively can support all newcomer women to find a rightful and respected role in employment […]Read More »

WTC Café XII: The $10/day Child Care Plan – Solution to the childcare crisis

Monday October 28th — For many BC parents, child care fees are too high and quality spaces are hard to find. The financial stress and worry over children’s well-being can be devastating. Women Transforming Cities and the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC partnered to host an evening of discussion exploring solutions to the […]Read More »

WTC Café XI: Video presentation – How do women transform cities?

September 25th 2013 – WTC Café XI: Video presentation:“How do women transform cities?” by Sylvia Bashevkin, and Prabha Khosla speaking on “Gender equality and social inclusion in municipal policies and services.Read More »

WTC Café X: Imagining Urban Infrastructure Design with Women in Mind

June 12, 2013 — Women Transforming Cities partnered with Simon Fraser University’s School of CommunicationRead More »

WTC Café IX: Women & Diversity in the Workplace

May 22, 2013 – Participants at this café gathered discuss how women manage their diverse, intersecting identities in the workplace, and how workplaces “manage” diversity.Read More »

WTC Café VIII: Women and Work

April 15th 2013 – Women transforming cities explores key questions about women and work: Are wages for paid work adequate? Is unpaid work like childcare and volunteering valued? How do women balance paid and unpaid work in their lives?Read More »

WTC Café VII: Intergenerational Café – Envisioning a City for Women of All Ages and Abilities

March 9th, 2013 — Women Transforming Cities celebrated International Women’s Day 2013 at the Intergenerational Café:Read More »

WTC Café VI: Women and Leadership

February 19th, 2013– Women Transforming Cities explored the unique qualities of women’s leadership and the dynamics that promote or hinder women’s opportunities to lead at the Women and Leadership Café. Video highlights of WTC Café VI: Women and Leadership   For a full report on the café proceedings, see belowRead More »

WTC Café V: Gender and Public Transportation Café

WOMEN TRANSFORMING CITIES recently got on the bus with a gender and equity lens to explore issues of public transit safety, affordability, accessibility and more.Read More »

WTC Café IV: Young Women Taking Charge

WTC Café – Young Women Taking Charge December15,2012 Rhizome Cafe,Vancouver Facilitated by Jen Sung (Out in Schools) and Melanie Matining (Girls Action Foundation). Speakers: Tamarah Prevost (Justice Education Society), Adeline Huynh (Youth Worker), Aliza (Youth)Read More »

WTC Café III:Squeezed Out Of Homes and Communities

WTC Café III — Squeezed Out Of Homes and Communities: Confronting the Affordable Housing Crisis for Women and Girls November 19, 2012 | Gordon Neighbourhood HouseRead More »

WTC Café II: The Affordable Housing Crisis

October 24th 2012—more than 50 people gathered together at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House in Vancouver to discuss issues and solutions to the current Affordable Housing Crisis.Read More »

WTC Café I: Designing an Ideal City for Women and Girls

September 25th, 2012 – Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, 800 East Broadway, Vancouver – Changes to public space, public amenities and neighbourhoods can create a better city for women and girls.Read More »

Women Transforming Cities hosts monthly cafés

Women Transforming Cities hosts monthly cafés in different neighbourhoods throughout the year, featuring grassroots discussion and informed speakers on issues that affect city life for women and girls, including employment, affordable housing, childcare, youth, seniors, safety, leadership, transit, and immigrant experiences. Women Transforming Cities recognises diversity and accessibility in multiple forms, and includes translators in […]Read More »