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WTC Café X: Imagining Urban Infrastructure Design with Women in Mind

June 12, 2013 — Women Transforming Cities partnered with Simon Fraser University’s School of Communication to explore the ways that infrastructural technologies of the city (such as transportation systems, communication systems, data collection systems) come to bear on women’s lives.

Speaker Bio: Ellen Balka is a professor in Simon Fraser University’s School of Communication. She began her career as a geography major and environmental studies minor, which ignited her interest in urban infrastructures and how women experience them. She subsequently studied and taught women’s studies before taking up her current position. Her current work is concerned with how computing infrastructures influence both women’s paid work and the production of knowledge about women, particularly in relation to health. Ellen was a speaker at the Women Transforming Cities Pecha Kucha, held in Vancouver this past February. Ellen is also an avid cyclist and emergent artist.

Download (PDF, 3.62MB)

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