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WTC Café XIII: Empowering Immigrant Women in the Workplace

November 20th, 2013–Women Transforming Cities and the Pacific Immigrant Resources Society presented an evening of discussion focused on “Empowering Immigrant Women in the Workplace.” Three immigrant women spoke about their workplace journeys and roundtable discussions followed, focusing on how we collectively can support all newcomer women to find a rightful and respected role in employment settings.

The event took place at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, 800 East Broadway, Vancouver. Participants joined in discussions in English, Spanish, Tagalog , Mandarin and Cantonese


Trish Mandewo was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She left her home country right after High school to pursue studies in Microbiology and Embryology in the United States. She came to Canada 4 years ago, first working as an outreach worker and Facilitator. Now she owns her own business. Her motto is “Believe it, achieve it – I truly believe that if I want something bad enough, I will get it.”

Virginia Bremner was born in a rural area of the Philippines. She will share stories of challenges in a new country, as well as share her successes while working on the front lines of healthcare, then the business community and now in BC’s highest office.

Maylen Crespo came from Mexico 11 years ago. She would like to share her story not because she thinks she has made a remarkable career but because she thinks she is a regular person and hopes that somehow that can inspire other immigrants. Today she is a mother to three children and a Community developer for Family Services of Greater Vancouver under the Welcoming Inclusive Communities Program. She is also the coordinator for the Vancouver Foundation’s New Westminster Neighbourhood Small Grants Program.

Download (PDF, 1.22MB)

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