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WTC Café XX: Safety in the city for girls & women


Monday, July 28th

7 to 9 pm (doors open at 6:30)

WTC cafe 20 poster

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
2131 Renfrew Street (at 5th Ave)

How can we make our city safe for everyone? Join the conversation.
Everyone Welcome! Admission is free. The venue is wheelchair accessible.


  • Rosa Arteaga, Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS): Rosa has been working in the anti-violence field in Vancouver for over fifteen years – delivering countless workshops on gendered violence. Her wide sweeping knowledge provides crisis intervention, trauma and violence against women training to service providers throughout Canada. For the last 10 years Rosa Elena has worked as the Manager of Direct Services and Programs at Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) in Vancouver Canada. She supervises an amazing team of women who support girls and women through individual, and group counseling, victim service support, legal advocacy, education, housing issues and relocation. Last year alone, Rosa Elena and her team members of BWSS answered a stunning 13,000 calls. Rosa is wildly passionate about her therapeutic work that she frames in a narrative, feminist, anti-oppression, anti-colonial perspective. She is an active agent of change towards eradicating violence against girls and women that she believes is the most pressing issue of our time.
  • Arlana Marie Green, Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW): Arlana is the Victim Services Medical Support Worker at Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Rape Crisis Centre and is a Feminist Activist. Prior to that she volunteered and worked at a Transition House with women and children. Arlana has a background in TV and Film as a working actress and in various production roles. She is currently a painter/artist and develops art projects for children’s organizations in the Vancouver area. Arlana combines art and activism, finding opportunities to use art as a tool for awareness and healing.
  • Stacey Forrester & Molly Kumar, Hollaback Vancouver: Stacey has been a nurse for over ten years, the majority of that spent working in the areas of sexual health and education, HIV/ AIDS, and most recently in the Downtown Eastside, where she works, lives and volunteers. She is currently (slowly) completing a second degree majoring in gender and sexuality. Being from a rural community, she is particularity interested in health services for isolated women and girls with multiple barrier’s to mental and physical wellness. Her hobbies include zine making, DIY, appreciating local music and she can often be found adventuring in the parks and streets of Vancouver with her rescue pitbull Elsie.

Followed by round table discussions in English, Cantonese, & Mandarin.

For help with childcare costs, contact: info@womentransformingcities.org

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